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FullyIntegrated Production

ASIA Tube is most proud of its integrated production control system covering tube manufacturing, drawing, heat treatment, and cutting. Whereas many tube manufacturers outsource the drawing process, this is yet another area where we exhibit our user-focused characteristics and commitment.

ProductYou Can Trust

We produce precise cylindrical tubes for the industry. Our products are competitive in terms of quality with imported samples. We also produce different products and types of tubes according to our customer’s needs. Our aim is to meet all the country’s needs in this area.

H9 Cylindrical Tubes
ERW Tubes
Welded Tubes
Manisman Tubes
Precision Tubes
Furniture Tubes
H9 Cylindrical Tubes
ERW Tubes
Welded Tubes
Manisman Tubes
Precision Tubes
Furniture Tubes

DrawProcess Steps

This process involves pulling a steel rod or bar through a die at room temperature to produce a tube with a precise diameter and wall thickness. Here are the key steps involved in the cold drawn tube manufacturing process:


Rollers with various curvatures are used to bend flat steel strip into a tubular shape.

Electric Resistance Welding

Eddy current Testing



Heat Treatment

Surface Treatment


Cold Drawing


DOMDrawn Over Mandrel

Afra Zomorrod Asia Company is proud to have domestically produced DOM tubes in the country for the first time, and has the ability to produce any type of tube according to customer requirements.

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ServicesYou'll Deliver

Our services include customized tube production, design, testing, delivery, and after-sales support. We also value the satisfaction of our customers and strive to meet their expectations and requirements.


We also offer consulting services to our customers who need expert advice and guidance on cylindrical tube applications and solutions. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive industry and can help you with any technical or operational challenges you may face. We can also help you with optimizing your tube design, selection, installation, and maintenance. Our consulting services are tailored to your specific needs and goals.


We also offer laboratory services to our customers who need reliable and accurate testing and analysis of cylindrical tubes and other materials. Our laboratory is equipped with modern and sophisticated instruments and methods that can perform various tests and measurements on mechanical, chemical, physical, and environmental properties. Our laboratory staff are qualified and trained to ensure the validity and reliability of the results. Our laboratory services are certified and compliant with the relevant standards and regulations.

AutomotiveIndustrial Components

DOM tubes are often used in the automotive industry due to their strength, durability, and resistance to deformation under high stress. Here are a few examples of automotive components that may use DOM tubes:


Drive Shaft


Shock Absorber


Hydraulic Cylinder


Tie Rod End


Hood Jack

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