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Afra Zomorrod Asia Corporation was founded in the winter of 2020 to meet the country's demand for high-quality and precise cylindrical tubes for the automotive industry. This was accomplished with the aid of a group of mechanical engineering graduates from the nation's leading universities. The founders of Afra Zomorrod Asia Company have made the use of capable and educated youth, as well as experienced personnel in various fields of quality production, the cornerstone of the company's activities.

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In the short-term vision, the company aims to achieve the title of the largest and most accurate producer of cylindrical tubes in the country to meet all the country's needs in this area. In the mid-term vision, the company aims to evaluate and find foreign markets and utilize export capacity, especially for neighboring countries. We are proud that the cylindrical tubes produced by this company are competitive in terms of quality with imported samples.


ASIA Tube founders, bring a unique blend of youthful energy, passion, and visionary leadership to our company. With their combined expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, they have successfully grown our business from a small startup to a growing factory, ready to take on new challenges and expansion opportunities across the continent.

Moein Rezaie



Hojat Ranjbar



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